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  1. Threads That Bind: The Havoc Chronicles
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I was very aware of what I looked like. For most of my life I had worn glasses. Not the cute, stylish glasses that some of my friends had. I would have been fine with those. No, my glasses had thick, magnify-my-eyes-to-the-size-of-Frisbees lenses. To that beautiful image, add in braces, a propensity to sprout zits under stress, and the compulsive consumption of anything with sugar in it. But I was smart, clever, and quite a good actress. All of which were characteristics that had little value in high school unless you had good looks or a six figure allowance.

I had neither, and it would be two more years before I could escape. I gave the man with the clipboard a flat stare, showing him that I knew exactly what he was thinking. He at least had the good grace to look away. I was about to climb in when a second car pulled up behind clipboard-man, catching my attention. Another man with a clipboard, this one shorter with a large forehead, slipped out of the passenger side door.

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I froze when I caught a glimpse of the driver. My sweating increased from profuse to drenching. And Josh Lancaster was the pinnacle of that list. He stepped out of the car and ran a hand through his sandy hair. The DMV examiner ripped a piece of paper off his clipboard and handed it to Josh, who accepted it with a grin.

His smile was so beautiful it almost hurt to watch him. I sighed.

Threads That Bind: The Havoc Chronicles

What was it about this boy that gave him such power over me? I had been in love with Josh since at least the third grade. Josh looked up from the paper and began walking towards me. I stared like an animal caught in the headlights of a semi truck barreling down the freeway. A few steps before he reached me, Josh noticed I was there. I opened my mouth to say something, but he had already walked past on his way to get his license.

I stood there, a giddy feeling washing over me as I watched him walk into the DMV. He rolled his eyes and gestured toward the car. I took a breath, deeply annoyed at myself. Of all the times to be distracted by a boy.

See a Problem?

I tried without success to push Josh out of my thoughts and climbed into the car. Clipboard Man first had me test all the lights and turn signals. Then he asked me to drive through a series of cones. Freedom was only a few minutes away. One moment I could see just fine, and the next everything looked like I had opened my eyes at the bottom of a swimming pool. I was so surprised that I accidentally pressed harder on the accelerator.

Book One: Threads that Bind | The Havoc Chronicles

Once I realized my mistake I slammed on the breaks, causing the car to skid with a surprisingly loud squeal of tires. Under normal circumstances I might have been able to stay on the road. This was anything but normal. I tried to turn into the skid, but I panicked and did the exact opposite, causing the car to continue its out of control rampage. I did manage to avoid a tall brown blob — telephone pole? Several multicolored blobs that must have been people scattered as the car jerked to a stop. My seatbelt locked up, keeping me from hitting the windshield, but my head jerked forward.

The abrupt stop was too much for my heavy glasses on my sweat-soaked face and they flew against the dashboard. With a crack, one of the lenses popped out of the frames. Once it was over, I sat up and looked around at a crystal clear world.

I turned to face him, every detail sharp and crisp. I could see each hair of his beard, the individual threads making up the weave of fabric in his shirt, and the drops of perspiration forming on his brow. Looking out of the car, I saw the pedestrians I had almost hit glare at me as they walked away. One lady had on a large hat with fake flowers attached to it and the colors - bright reds, yellows, and greens - were so vivid that they seemed to wash out the color of everything else around them.

He bent over to pick up his clipboard from the floor where it had landed. I picked up the glasses and held them near my eyes. Through the remaining lens, the world still looked blurry. I lowered the glasses, and everything was clear. How could this be? Fortunately, the car appeared to have avoided any serious damage, and I was able to drive it off of the sidewalk and back to the DMV.

My mind raced during the drive back. What could have caused this? Part of me — ok, the majority of me — was ecstatic. I had been wearing glasses since I was two. A quick glance confirmed my fears: I had failed. That meant I would have to come back and take the test again. It started out well. Then it went berzerk. I didn't buy the romance. It was too silly. Maybe it was because the author's a guy and he's voicing a girl. I don't know. The "Bringers" and "Osadyn" didn't seem to have any real motive other than destruction. The violence came too easily to the heroine, who had never killed anything before and her father leaving her alone on top of a mountain as bait to battle hundreds of bringers just didn I wanted to like this book.

The violence came too easily to the heroine, who had never killed anything before and her father leaving her alone on top of a mountain as bait to battle hundreds of bringers just didn't ring true to me. The ending was disappointing. No more for me. Jun 16, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. Hooray for free Kindle books!

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I was tipped off about this book by a good friend who is the authors brother. Thanks Aaron! I like the idea of getting behind newly published authors. This was an exciting YA book that was definitely worth my time. I usually am not a big fan of fantasy, but this was fast paced and interesting.

Threads That Bind

I'm looking forward to the second book in this series. Apr 30, Victoria rated it really liked it Shelves: series , books-i-own , paranormal , fantasy. I can't wait to read the next one! Aug 03, sh e reader rated it liked it Shelves: got-it-for-free , kindle-cloud , type-mythology. A friend on FB posted that they had really enjoyed this series. I knew I had book one waiting in my kindle cloud having grabbed it as a free offering at one point , and I saw that the two sequels would be available in the Kindle Lending library part of prime so I figured I'd give it a try.

I did enjoy the story, although it didn't totally captivate me. Just not quite connecting with the characters and the "bezerker" idea. I will continue on with the next book though Mar 15, Ashley Lavering rated it really liked it. Very entertaining I enjoy the story and the beserkers. I enjoy the characters and while things skills came quickly to the main character it was still a fun read.