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The book should be given widespread publicity so that it somehow gets through the fog of main stream reporting. Modern science is held in such high esteem that a book providing solid science in support of non-physical reality can be an eye opener and a life changer for many. It is an eloquent and erudite bridge between science and spirituality, providing a common ground upon and through which a meaningful dialogue can take place. Plus, the immense amount of findings presented in this book from standard scientific research, presents daunting challenges to even the most materialistic of hard-nosed skeptics.

Where science generally offers only despair, Scott-Hill offers hope that goes beyond the blind faith of orthodox religion and into providing true afterlife validation and belief for us all.

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Michael is considered one of the world's foremost living experts on evidential afterlife studies. He has produced six books on the subject over the last 60 years, and more than articles for newspapers, magazines etc. A clearly written, well researched and richly detailed book on the reasons, scientific and experiential, for a belief in the survival of death and reincarnation.

Scott-Hill is right to insist on the many ways in which they are in fact supported by post-classical physics. A stimulating read! Robert McLuhan, Editor of Paranormalia, a website which deals with consciousness, spirituality, and psychic research. As might be expected of such a writer, his presentation is clear, logical and concise: and I found it convincing. I find it illuminating, fascinating, and expect to refer to it, again and again.

He is editor of The Ground of Faith website. Author Michael Cocks explains that Ashman's wife, Olive, heard her husband speak in Latin while he was sleeping one night, and on subsequent nights she recorded his words on tape. They turned out to be profound messages on spiritual matters. Ashman soon developed into a trance medium, as the author and a few friends gathered periodically at Ashman's home to hear St. Stephen's discourses and to ask questions of him.

A story of synchronicity from December Some time after the death of her husband, she moved to Vienna, to be near her brother. In Vienna there is a great cathedral dedicated to St Stephen. Read Hyacinth's story here See my February issue of The Ground of Faith , telling the story of this synchronicity from both sides. Dr Howard Jones School teacher in North Wales, authof several books on spirituality, contributor of articles in the Journal of the "I clearly cannot do justice, within a review of a few hundred words, to the wisdom presented here in more than pages of questions and profound responses.

Many answers are given in enlightening but thought-provoking metaphors. This is not a book to be skimmed through — it is an intense wisdom teaching about how and why we should live our lives the way we do. Although there are many references to Jesus Christ, the underlying messages are relevant to those of any religion — or none.

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However, the theological meat was without precedent. Not standard Evangelical Christian fair, Stephen's words respected Biblical teachings but more from a near death experience point of view. In other words, what he was saying was consistent with people who had interacted with spiritual beings while in heaven. Yet, in some ways, Stephen goes further in explaining some of the biggest theological questions in a coherent manner. For these reasons, I became a believer. Even if one is not, the content in this book will give any spiritual seeker much to ponder.

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This is one of the most intriguing spiriitual books I have read - and I have read many. Thus, I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to go deep. It also has merit for a reader - in that it comprises a comprehensive unambiguous consistent teaching - compared with the multiple sources of a notable variable quality and provenance one encounters in the Bible. Elene Gusch This is a truly extraordinary book.

Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks | White Crow Books | Books

I think it gives the clearest explanations I have seen anywhere of the knotty problem of free will vs. It also makes greater sense of the meaning of Jesus' death and its aftermath than most anything else I have seen. Stephen's perspective is that of a multidimensional entity with long and broad experience, but also someone who was present at the very earliest beginnings of Christianity, before the layers of myth and dogma had a chance to accumulate and obscure its essence.

The entity who presents himself as Stephen has a wonderfully charming, gentle combination of wisdom and humility. I feel ennobled by spending time with his words.

Michael Cocks, Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr |344|

The only problem is that I can only read a little of this book at a time. It is so packed with profound ideas to consider that I have to put it down and go off to let it sink in for a while. Sometimes the language is a bit dense, but it is also beautiful and lyrical. Nate Cull a member of Michael's church for the last 15 years, technical support and occasional writer for The Ground of Faith, Nate has recently begun a blog on the subject of Christian theological themes in the Spiritualist and New Age movements: Matched With Love Secretly This book is the public record of an extraordinary event that occurred in my home town in New Zealand in the s: a series of conversations, through a medium in deep trance, with an entity identifying himself as the Christian Saint Stephen.

These conversations happened over a period of about ten years, tailing off by the late s.

Acts 7:54-60

Tapes of the sessions were recorded and transcribed; 'Afterlife Teaching' is an edited, condensed summary of these transcripts, organised by thematic chapters. He was ordained in Also influential was a great aunt who was much read in the writings of Emmanual Swedenborg. In the early s Michael became increasing gripped by the urge to penetrate what seemed to him to be a veil between physical and spiritual.


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